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Majors Evaluations
by posted 09/19/2021

Hope to see you all at the game tomorrow!
Passing along a note from the league...
Hello AAA Coaches,
The league is holding its annual Majors evaluations on Saturday October 23rd.  Since the majority of players who need to know about this are in AAA, we're asking AAA coaches to share this information with their teams.  
These evaluations are for players who did not play in the Majors last spring (2021) but who will be eligible this spring (2022). The purpose is to help coaches who will be putting together Majors teams in the spring see players and build balanced teams. There is more information on the registration page.
The main message for parents is their players are likely eligible for Majors next year and this evaluation helps players get placed properly. The evaluation is October 24th at Richardson between 1 and 4.  The evaluation lasts 20 minutes and parents will have the opportunity to pick a time slot one they've registered.
Russel Schwager is running the evaluation.

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Schedule change/Great Win!
by posted 09/17/2021

Another great win!!!

So many incredible plays in the field and the bats came alive when we needed them!

What a team!

As I mentioned to some tonight, the game with Waltham is being

rescheduled due to a conflict. They have rescheduled the game for 

Monday night same time and place in Waltham. 
Hope to see you all then!



Go Pirates!

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Practice Day
by posted 09/13/2021

So the overwhelming consensus was that Friday would be the more convenient day for most.

That being said we have our one and only Friday night game this week.

So for this week only we will have a Wednesday practice at Richardson field from 5:30-7PM.

Moving forward our regular practice night will be Fridays from 5:30-7pm at Bowen near field.

Hard to make it work for everyones schedule, but always try to make it work for the majority.

Also if you do have a conflict, don't feel any pressure at all.  This is still all about fun and making sure the

kids are enjoying themselves.  If they have to miss a practice or two, or be late or leave early, that is all fine and

there is no pressure at all.  If they choose another sport over a baseball event however, I do reserve the right to jokingly pick on them for the entirety of that practice.  That will be the only repercussion ;).  Of course i'm kidding.... maybe.

My only goal is to have fun, play as well as possible and have as many kids as possible want to sign up and play again next season!


Thanks again


Hopefully see you all tonight!

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One more thing…
by posted 09/12/2021

One more thing I want to mention, especially for the first time AAA players. There are some important rule changes we need to be aware of and we didn't have time to go over as they were released after our practice Friday. 

1. The pitch counts are very important and need need to be recorded every game this season. So kids won't be disappointed when removed from the game mid inning.

2. All bases can now be stolen. Except for home. Home can be stolen after game 4 at the halfway point of the season.

3. Sliding matters! If it's a close play and our player does not slide, they will be called out...(depending on the umpire) 

4. Bunting is now allowed. We most likely won't be bunting a lot but I definitely will be teaching the skill in practice and if the situation arises we may use it in a game or two for fun.

5. Positional playing. As the kids age they will start to favor positions. It's still my goal as always to allow kids to explore as many positions as possible, and the more they gain confidence in those positions the better off they will be in this game as they progress. We will put them in postions to succeed and enjoy the game as well so there will be some repetition where there are strengths. 

I will go over all this in practice but if you have a minute please mention them to them before the game and I will reiterate them in pregame talk. 
Thanks again 
Dan (I promise that's it)   Go Pats!

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Practice Day
by posted 09/12/2021

So Mondays game has been confirmed. Needham said they would prefer a 6pm start where they 

need to travel. So even though schedule says 5:45 most likely it won't start until 6pm. Let's still shoot for a 

5:15 arrival, worst case scenario we have a little extra warm up time. 

I would also like to set a fixed practice day, as it makes planning for everyone much easier rather 

constantly having to worry about what is happening when. 
Our games are Tues, Thur. Sun. So we will either choose Wednesday or Friday as our practice night.

I have heard from a few parents that have conflicts on different nights so I will just put this up to a simple majority vote. 
If you can respond to this message letting me know what practice night works best for you and if your child will be at the game tomorrow so I can set a lineup, it would be much appreciated and we can go from there. 
looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! 
Go Pirates and Patriots!


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Game Change
by posted 09/11/2021

Hello all, 

Our game for Sunday is being rescheduled due to scheduling conflicts. 
We are being rescheduled for Monday at 6pm under the lights! (If needed)

Still waiting for final confirmation from the league on the time but wanted to give as much

notice as possible.  Thanks again! Go Pirates, that was a great first practice!

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to game time for warmups if possible.


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by posted 09/09/2021

Schedules are out and our first game is Sunday 3pm at Highlands field vs Needham Gold. 

For those who missed it. Hope to see you tomorrow!



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First Practice
by posted 09/08/2021

Hello all,

Still no word on game schedule yet.  I reserved Bowen near field for our first practice this Friday at 5:30.

We can hand out uniforms and hats and knock off some of the rust!

Hope to see you there.


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