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Uniform Sponsors Uniform sponsors are available at $400 per team. A Sponsorship includes having your business name silk-screened on the back of a team's uniforms and also marketed on our league's web site, www.newtonsoutheastll.org and other league collateral.  Company logos can be reproduced if they fit the format of the horizontal spacing on a player's uniform. Sponsorships are available on a first-come, first served basis. Team sponsorships often sell out quite quickly. Returning sponsors are given first priority.


Sign Sponsors Sponsorship signs are displayed on the outfield fence of one of our Major League fields (Jay Gordon Field on Homer Street) in Newton Centre. The 4ft. x 8ft. signs cost $300 to rent annually (with a $350 one time manufacturing charge). Sponsors own their signs and may retain them. Newton SouthEast will store them at the league's expense from season to season. The signs generally have a green background with white lettering for uniformity. Logos are permitted. The league recommends a public service message at the foot of the sign. Sign sponsors will receive a plaque in recognition of their generosity. We currently have limited sign space available.


Contact To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Peter Schofield at 617-851-4313 or .